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I need to change my static IP hacker problems ?


I need to change my static IP hacker problems ?

HI, im having problems at the moment my ip is being pinged a lot and even caused a network crash when i took my firewall down and couldnt use my connection for days, I used to be with another isp that had sensible dynamic and not static IPs that changed, ive installed Zone Labs security Suite which is awesome, but id like to make a request and change my IP address as soon as possible please,

THANKS comedycentral

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I need to change my static IP hacker problems ?

You need to raise a contact us ticket and give PlusNets abuse dept the evidence of the frequency your IP is being attacked, by what and from where. PlusNet will then consider what you have supplied and decide if changing the IP is warrented or offer further advice on what to do.

On the ticket, click technical support then contact PlusNet abuse team and read the advice given on what to send to abuse.

hacker problems

I too had problems with hackers, I sent Plus Net my firwall logs and it all stopped. I don't think having a dynamic IP would change things.