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I need some help with webspace / site problems

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I need some help with webspace / site problems

Hello Folks

I’m new to Plusnet and a Noob to web space so please go gently with me while I ask some dumb questions and make inaccurate observations :roll:

Here is my problem… With my last ISP I had some web space where I only had a couple of actual pages but mainly used it to store files.. These were files that casual visitors to the site could not see or access. However there were a couple of people who were allowed to access the folders and to download some files.

This was managed simply and easily… If someone was entitled to download a file I made a folder with their name in it and told them the name of the file. So they accessed it by going Trying to index the folder didn’t work.. No one could see the files, and they could only download them if they were given / guessed the directory and filename. Not great I admit but it worked fine for me.

Now…. On my Plusnet web space if someone uses The folder immediately opens up and presents an index of all the files held in it. I do have an index.html file in my htdocs folder. I’m sure I am making a noob mistake.. can someone help me out?

Also… I looked at the web space FAQ at the section that tells you how to password folders.. Clear as mud to me I am afraid. It tells you to create two text files… But as far as I can see only tells you what to name one of them and no indication where to save either files…. htdocs? The folder you want to protect? Can anyone enlighten me on that as well as the first query?



The text from the FAQ is below:

10. How do I password protect folders in my webspace ?
You can password protect your directories within your webspace by making two small text files. Firstly, which directory do you want to password protect?

It isn't a good idea to password protect your main folder (i.e. htdocs) as people that get the login wrong will no doubt never return to your site. Open a new text document and enter the following:

AuthUserFile /share/isp/plusnet/www/uu/username/htdocs/path/.htpasswd
AuthName "Please Log On"
AuthType Basic
require valid-user

The part you need to change is the uu, username and the path replace the uu with the first two letters of your username. Replace the username with your full username and replace the path with the name of the folder you wish to protect.

If your username was 'hotdog' for instance and you wanted to protect a folder called 'stuff', the line would look like this:

AuthUserFile /share/isp/plusnet/www/ho/hotdog/htdocs/stuff/.htpasswd
Save the text file as htaccess.txt
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I need some help with webspace / site problems

To stop people seeing the index of a directory just put a blank index.htm file in the directory.

For password protecting directories see the more detailed explaination in the General: .htaccess tutorial. You can then have a separate password for each user.

This also explains how to disable directory listings at the end of it using the IndexIgnore statement. This can be done by putting an .htaccess file containing it in your root (htdocs) directory and it will apply to it and all sub-directories within htdocs.
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I need some help with webspace / site problems

Thanks for that Peter, I will check the tutorial out.