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I can't access my site


I can't access my site

I am having problems with connecting to, it can be accessed from any pc that is not connected to my router (netgear). I get the

"Index of /

page in IE

i have checked the setting in my router and there are no blocked sites, however, the logs are telling me it has blocked the site under the normal rules?

Also i can not access my webspace using frontpage.

Anyone got any ideas.

P.S. I can access my cgi webspace fine

Prooblem solved

Dont know what happened but it cam back without my intervention?

Lost Website

Hi there,

Friday 15th 11:16
I seem to have "lost" my website again, last week the same thing happened, however, it came back later the same day.

I have had/am having problems with my internet connection but i can access any other site at present.

I am just getting "INDEX of parent" page again, only this time its on the CGI part as well. Can you help me?



I can't access my site

Please see service status.

Yesterday morning, schedualed maintenance on the CGI platform failed, after 2 disks in the storage platform died.

At this time, the storage platform is offline and a temporary one in place. Customers with backups of there websites can upload there files back to there websites, to restore access, whilst further developments on restoration of the original storage continues.

MySQL data is uneffected by this, so provided the files are re-uploaded, your site should work fine with your existing data.

Upload to where?

Hi there,

I see the word "temporary" being used quite a lot at present in the forums. I have worked out that this is a major failure on PN part, however, it does not seem worth the heartache to upload my site to a "temp" position.

When will the cgi servers be replaced?
Why does frontpage not recognize the server?
Why is PN saying they havnt got a problem on the service page?