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How to set up Outlook Express for multiple email users

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How to set up Outlook Express for multiple email users

Cheesy With thanks to newtonandryder......

I really struggled with this so thought I would share what worked for me.

1 Set up one mailbox for each user/family member etc. It is essential that each one has a different password (this was the key for me - but other users seem to manage with one password - that failed for me. So play safe and try different ones to start with.)

2 In Outlook Express, set up new identities, one for each user.(File, Identities,Add). If you wish you can control access to each usewr via a password.

3 For each identity follow the OE software instructions in the Help and Support Centre on this Portal get the right servers etc. You can copy these basics settings for other identities using Tools/Export/Import if you wish, or you can use the Wizard.

4 Now sort out the names and passwords etc.

Suppose you have Fred and Jane Bloggs, and Fred is the main user with the user name of fredbloggs. Fred has created a mailbox named Fred with a password "Password1" Jane has a mailbox 'Jane, password 'Password2'

The settings in Fred's OE email properties (set up with the Wizard or in Tools/Accounts )is:

Email address:
his username is 'fredbloggs+Fred' - where the second Fred is the name of the mailbox, and the password is Password1.

For Jane, it is
username (in OE) 'fredbloggs+Jane'
password 'password2'

That should work! Oh, and set up a default account for the ewmails which are not personally addressed eg Plus Net communications sent to 'postmaster'.

If this is wrong, or fails for you - tough! But post below what did work.

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