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How do I get my web page up on the internet ??


How do I get my web page up on the internet ??

Hi I have designed a prety basic web page with hyperlinks using front page.

I am totally confused on what my next actions should be to be able to get my web page up and running on the internet.

can you explain to me exactly wot I need to do as I havent got a clue.

I am paying for 2mbps broadband and I have heard I get free web space with it.

can you help me out mate ?

How do I get my web page up on the internet ??

what you do is get an FTP client (such as smartftp

connect to the PlusNet FTP server with your user and pass::

where user and pass are the ones you use to loginto the forum and the ones you set up when you first joined here. I would assume USER for you would be "jamieuk".

next you will see two folders when you have connected to the site...


ignore Logs, and double click on HTdocs, this is where you will put your site.

so just drag and drop the files that you have into smartftp and transfer them up onto your site.

then once this is done go to this link and you should see your website (make sure you put the www. in)

if you bought a domain name when you signed up then that will also go to your PN host, eg or sommit.

hope this helps a bit

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How do I get my web page up on the internet ??

Try having a read of the tutorial on this very subject here

If you have made the site using a full version of front page and want to have all the extensions available like a counter and guestbook then you really need to anable your FP space (found in "Connection Settings on the left) and then you would use front page itself to upload all the files to your FP space.

You would then access them via

If however you dont need the Front Page extensions then you can just upload the files to your htdocs space using a program as suggested or just by using internet explorer itself. Again see the tutorial.