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Hotmail Safelist

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Registered: 24-09-2007

Hotmail Safelist

I have a website forum and have set it up to email me at my hotmail address when a new person registers but there is a problem as the email is also sent from my hotmail address (ie from and to are the same address) so when an email arrives telling me that a new person has resistered it gets put into Junk Mail.

I have tried to add my own adress to the SafeList but hotmail won't allow it, is there a way arround this?

Oh I use the following software/free host

Hotmail Safelist

One possible option.

Setup a new redirect on the e-mail section of the portal (eg, forums@) with a destination of your address.

Next, change the administrative contact for the forums, from your hotmail address, to your forums@ address.

Then leave the notification address of new signups to the hotmail address.

All mail will still be collected from the hotmail address as normal.