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Hosting and Domains


Hosting and Domains

I'm designing a site for some people (lets call them 'gtyc' )and they will need a good domain name.

I can get them hosted easily enough and they'll maybe have some subdomain or folder eg or But then if they get a domain eg Im wondering if accessting sub directories will be the same.

Say they have a Photos page at, could you type in their new domain and add photos on the ends ( and get to the same page?

Sorry if thats unclear, but at least I know what I mean!

EDIT - Didnt know gtyc was an actual domain, but just use it as an example still! Im not doing anything with boats though!
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Hosting and Domains

I wonder if this is what you mean.

type in which will get you to the home page of my home site.
If you type in then this will take you to another folder within my site.

AS long as the folder you call has a index file in it then just the folder name added to the domain name will open up the page.
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Hosting and Domains

Also PlusNet do not support sub-domains so you can't use that method anyway to point to separate sections of your webspace..
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Hosting and Domains

If you buy a domain with you can make it redirect to free ISP space like PlusNet webspace. You can also make it do more complex redirects, for example:
Example Site
You could make the domain, (hosted with 123-reg) redirect to but you can also get 123-reg to make anything after your domain redirect to files on your webspace of the same name aswell, i.e. could be redirected to if this of domain website forwarding is selected in the 123-reg control panel.
I hope this may be of some help, if you have any queries with setting this up in the 123-reg control panel should you wish to at some stage, I would be more than willing to make you a few screenshots to show you how it is done so that specific redirects with file names included can work. It looks professional Smiley...

matt Wink

Hosting and Domains

Thanks Lowry. thats what I mean, though I wasnt on about my plusnet site, but I get the idea.