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Hosting 2 Websites


Hosting 2 Websites


I appologise if this has been discussed before but i am new to PlusNet and slightly confused by my web hosting package.

I am a connect lite user and plan to have our family site hosted under the account but i have also registered a domain for my brothers website.

i believe it is possible to have the 2 sites as long as i create a folder in \htdocs\ called spannermonkey or something like that. I take it i can then use the domain manager to point at this folder. Anyone know if this is correct also doing this i presume i can just load my files into \htdocs\ for our family site to show up.

Also if i set up an email for my brother will it have to be whatever or can it be Also as he has his own house is there a way i can get the emails sent through his website forwarded to his AOL account?

Sorry its so long


Hosting 2 Websites

Yes yes yes yes(is that to many yes's? Basicly it all works as you describe the files in htdocs will be your plus net site and as long as you point it in the portal the new domain will be the dir off htdocs. Make sure they have a index.htm on each site.

Any mail box you create will be the same for the domain. So if you create one called test it will work for and also all with the same username and pasword.

You can redirect mail on the portal