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Homepage Isnt Going


Homepage Isnt Going

I used PlusNet's website builder to temporarily create a templated page to keep people interested in my site as I was switching my server. Now I have made another page (using Frontpage) to use as the 'homepage'. I deleted the old templated page, again using website builder and uploaded the one to replace it (using AceFTP). The new page is called index.html but when I type in my address, the old deleted page remains.

My FTP package shows that its not there, but it still comes up when you type in my address. The new page is there but you have to type in the index.html part aften my domain

If you wish to see:

Old Templated page (shouldnt exist) -

New page -

Any ideas?
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Homepage Isnt Going

This may be a problem with the web caching PlusNet are using - see the long thread on it here.

Try flushing (emptying) your local cache
Try CTRL+F5 to force a refresh
Try adding ?x=y to the end of the URL you are using and see if you get the new page.