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Help with setting up a Cisco 7960


Help with setting up a Cisco 7960

Hi All
Is anyone using a Cisco 7960 IP Hard Phone with Plustalk or can assist in helping to get this phone working?

Phone firmware details

Application Load ID:
Boot Load ID

Network details:

The Cisco 7960 is connected to my Linksys WRT54G which is connected to a D-Link DSL 300-T.


Line_1_Settings Name: Plusnet
Line_1_Settings Shortname: UNPROVISIONED
Line_1_Settings Authentication Name: SIP ID xxxxxx
Line_1_Settings Authentication Password: xxxxxxxxxxx
Line_1_Settings Display Name: Greg
Line_1_Settings Proxy Address:
Line_1_Settings Proxy Port: 5060

Generic Settings
8. Preferred Codec: g711ulaw
9. Out of Band DTMF: avt
10. register with Proxy: YES
11. Register Expires: 3600
12. TFTP Dir.
13. Phone label: UNPROVISONED
14. Enable VAD: NO
15. VoIP Control Port: 5060
16. Start Media: 16384
17: End Media: 32766
18. Backup proxy: UNPROVISIONED
19. Backup proxy port: 5060
20. Emergency proxy: UNPROVISIONED
21. Emergency Proxy port: 5060
22. Outbound Proxy:
23. Outbound Proxy Port: 5060
24: NAT Enabled: YES
25: NAT Address: (current Plusnet address)

When I dial my home line under Status Messages I see:
E620 REG auth failed: no more credentials.

To me this looks like the phone is set-up ok, although I would like some input on the NAT administration and that this is an account issue?

Thanks Greg

Help with setting up a Cisco 7960

Looks like a NAT issue, I got x-lite working with STUN.

Cant find anywhere to program a STUN proxy in the 7960 Sad