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Help with Zoom X5V setup - voip


Help with Zoom X5V setup - voip

I know there has been a previous thread on this and a beta firmware mentioned - only Zoom say there is none available so have drawn a blank.

Have tried settings as per screen shot on last thread -( strange thing I do not have the STUN settings option.)
Has anyone else had any experience getting this beast to voip via # function on connected phone via plustalk.

Thanks in anticipation.

Help with Zoom X5V setup - voip

I have one of these and just installed the latest firmware, now works perfectly using the settings plusnet supply for x-lite

Help with Zoom X5V setup - voip

Forgot to add, I dont use the stun settings, it just works anyway.

Help with Zoom X5V setup - voip

thanks for that - gonna have a go

Help with Zoom X5V setup - voip

If you go to this url ....

you can just pick your model then click to access the upgrade, latest appears to be dated 30/10/2006. Install it carefully, firmware first then boot file with the adsl connection unplugged.
Once done turn off autoconfigure in the voip setup, go to advanced voip and set as follows

User ID - your sip id
Authorization ID - your sip id
Password - your plusnet password
Displayname - your choice
Domain/Realm -
SIP proxy -
Outbound proxy -
SIP Port - 5060
SIP Proxy Port - 5060
Outbound Proxy port - 5060
user agent string - 2.5.1
Authentic Method - AUTH_MD5
Sip reg interval - 3600
Reg fail retry timer- 60
Local SIP port - 5060
MWI server address -
RTP Media port - 5000
MWI server port - 5060

Leave the dial plan and stun settings alone and it should work.

One thing with the new firmware is calls default to VOIP unless you press # to deivert to PSTN, was the other way round in previous firmware I believe.

Hope that helps, if it does you can try and VOIP me on 215269 if you like.
This should save you the ten or more hours i spent trying to get it working.

regards and good luck,