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Help needed with major virus on my PC


Help needed with major virus on my PC

I have a major virus on m PC which as basically made it unusable , I can't open any antivrus software to do a scan, can't get on at all on the internet, (I'm using my laptop to post this) I have pretty much tried everything, it stops system restore working, safe mode with networking, even in safe mode normal which I did get working still won't open things up, I sadly don't have a recovery disc that works so thats not an option either.

I would whilst I decide If I should just get a new PC, but wanted to know is it possible to check my emails from my Outlook express, obviously as I havn't get onto the internet since Sunday when it happened the new emails have recieved in my outlook express, but can I recieve them online, through Plusnet online email, somehow, if so how do I do this, Or do you know with say a yahoo mail account could somehow redirect my mail, I guess it wouldn't be able to I dunno.


Help needed with major virus on my PC

Two solutions to this one.

1. Reformat your PC's hard disk and reinstall Windows and all your applications. You may be able to get the data off first (such as your Outlook Express user files etc) but beware transferring the virus over with them. In theory it is possible to remove viruses from Windows but in practice this is often not possible. Even if it is possible the steps involved in most cases are way beyond a casual user and can take as much time as reinstalling everything. Be reassured that you are not alone in this problem - many others have the same problem - that's one reason there's so much spam around.

2. Dump the PC and get a Mac. No problems with viruses, popups, rogue diallers, background spam senders, malware of any sort. Much higher inherent security than Windows and you can do practically anything with a Mac that you can with Windows. Certainly the standard stuff like web-browsing, email, Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc etc tec. The main reason that people buy PCs is just because everyone else does - the Lemming syndrome. With a modern Mac you can even run Windows as well at full native speeds, but in a much more secure way.
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Help needed with major virus on my PC

We have used a Linux live CD with a copy of ClamAV to clean up badly infected Windoze machines-- alternatively you could use the Linux live CD to help you back up your important data, install Linux permanently and live happily ever after!

Knoppix is a good distro for repair purposes otherwise Ubuntu or Kubuntu are easy to use permanent solutions with stacks of free, quality apps in the distro and you can even get them on a free CD