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Help CLI Roaming profiles!


Help CLI Roaming profiles!

I have set up an additional number for CLI - broadband access.

Plus net are telling me that I need two seperate ADSL accounts - I need to known if it is possable to to access ADSL (the same account) from two seperate locations. (At different times obviousley)

Has anyone from Force9 or successfully set this up and if so how did you go about enabling your second line for Broadband



Help CLI Roaming profiles!

It is not possible to have two ADSL lines under one account name. There are very few ISPs that do this, and only for specialist accounts.

You can however, use one account name at two different ADSL locations. Provided they are both PlusNet based account and both have the same login realm (the bit after the @ sign), this should not be a problem.

As you stated though, you could only login with one line at any one time.

Is there any specific reason for wanting this, over two seperate account?

Help CLI Roaming profiles!

The only reason i can think of, is he can't recieve the 1mb service, so he wants 2 512's?

Or he wants 2 1 mb lines or something....

Help CLI Roaming profiles!

At first I thought that myself, but two things hit me.

1: We is talking about one login. This can be performed via two and would allow for bursting over the full upstream of both connections

2: We is talking of logging in to the two different lines at different times (the giveaway).

Help CLI Roaming profiles!

Thanks for your reply


I work and Live in London during the week and go home at the weekend.
I don't want two ADSL accounts (because of the co£t involved)

If your account is identifed & authenticated at the exchange by the CLI number - I see no reason why this shouldn't be movable as long as both set of phone lines have been enabled for Broadband.

The reason I ask is because the support pages state. (Below) & I am not sure if this is for standard dial up or not?

Remember that we check the number from which you are dialing in order to avoid abuse of the service. You may update this number (also known as the Data Telephone Number) under the My CLI numbers section of My . This allows you to dial on a fixed-cost number from up to 5 locations which have BT lines without having to revisit the portal.
Connection on the above numbers will not be possible if you dial from a non-BT line, a number you have not specified as a data telephone number under My or do not have an active Connect account.

Control your CLI Numbers
Your CLI (Caller Line Identification) number is used to identify the telephone number your modem is dialling from. Adding multiple CLI numbers means you can access the Internet, using your fixed cost account, whilst away from home or the office.

Features and benefits
Our Unmetered accounts offer greater value than competitor's accounts for a variety of reasons. One reason that stands out for its flexibility and usefulness is the multiple CLI option found here. You are now in control of your Account. You can fully control up to 5 different CLI numbers, which will allow you to provide access from a variety of locations. Never again will you have to beg to use your friends Internet connection worrying about running up their phone bill. Just log on with your Connect account details once their CLI has been set up and there are NO phone charges!
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Help CLI Roaming profiles!

What you have quoted only applies to 56k dialup connections not ADSL. You cannot change the CLI for an ADSL connection.

ADSL has to be provisioned at the exchange by BT and that provisioning is tied to the phone number. If you requre ADSL at 2 locations, each has to be provisioned by BT for ADSL and payed for - i.e. 2 accounts.

You cannot do what you are asking for ADSL, you can for 56k dialup.

Help CLI Roaming profiles!

Fairy Snuff

Thanks for your advice!