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Help! Being cut off..


Help! Being cut off..

Hi All,

I am getting a problem that I need help with.
Every once and a while I get cut off while in the middle of a call. I can be having a normal conversation then I get a series of loud beeps down the phone, they then get louder and faster then the line goes dead.
If I re-dial I reconnect without a problem.
For some reason it seems to happen more when I am put on hold and yesterday it happened while talking to someone on a mobile.
There seems to be no pattern to the problem and 99% of the time I have trouble free calls, that said it does not do my business any good getting cut off when talking with clients.

I am using a Netgear DG834g Router, a Linksys PAP2UK phone adaptor and a normal handset

Any help gratefully received.

cut off with- much bleeping

Having the same problem,-intermitant. Any Ideas? Landrecy