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Hacking Attempts


Hacking Attempts

I have recently has a number of "intrusion attempts" on y PC. I currently use Norton Internet security 2003 and this has blocked such intrusions.

However, as my PC is connected to the Net for long periods of time, and given that I’m a very keen online gamer (which displays my static IP address frequently) i have been a little concerned.

A friend of mine told me to check to see how many "open ports" i have on my PC, so after some reading up on this i downloaded a program which is called a “port scanner”.

Today I “Port Scanned” my own PC and ther good news is that I don’t have any open ports, however i think I have "port Scanned 254 other Plus net computers.

I scanned my IP address, which ends in .195, but i think i also scanned all IP's between .1 to .255

I told my friend what i have done and he said that i would have come up as an "intrusion attempt” on the other IP addresses.

Can someone confirm this, i don’t want anyone unnecessarily i have been doing recently.

Also, is Norton Internet Security 2003 sufficientHuh


Hacking Attempts

Basically, what you did was scan a range of IPs for open ports (by mistake). Depending on what firewall other people are using, and how tight their security levels are, it might have come up as an intrusion attempt. Port scanning isn't illegal, and as long as it was an honest mistake (you weren't intending to do anything malicious based on the results of the scan) then you're not in any kind of trouble.

Hacking Attempts

I think I may have made a similar mistake recently.

By the way, Has anyone else had problems with this ip address showing up in you're firewall logs

I have set mine to block that address, But it keeps appearing in the logs.

Wtf is going on there :?:

Hacking Attempts

I am still getting hundreds of addresses showing up in my ZA logs every day. It does'nt worry me because they get blocked but what is going on.
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Hacking Attempts

Have a look at - you can scan (free) for open ports here and there is general advice on how to close them.