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Hacker Removal Help Wanted


Hacker Removal Help Wanted

I have recently run Spybot and it has indicated that I have a 'MySoft' problem and is sub divided into a ''.

Spybot has told me that it cannnot fix the problem and to restart my computer when it runs a scan befroe all the set up is started. This still does not fix the problem.

Can anybody advise me how I can remove the problem?.

In simple terms if possible as I am not very computer literate and I am on a learning curve.


Dave C
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Registered: 15-06-2007

Hacker Removal Help Wanted

it could be that the reason Spybot can't delete it is because of the host file being read only or locked by Spybot
find your hosts file and untick read only and unblock this file if the option is there
then run spybot again and see what it comes up with

i would also recommend installing adaware and running that also as one can miss something while the other will find it and vice versa

make sure that both are fully updated with the latest updates before running a scan

your hosts file can be found at C:\ windows\ system32\ drivers\ etc
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Hacker Removal Help Wanted

What version of spybot are you running. If 1.3, try the latest beta 1.4b2 and see if that can fix it.