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Grandstream GXP2000


Grandstream GXP2000

I am preferably after a quick answer on this one.

I am looking for a SIP phone capable of registering with multiple SIP providers, yet accessable from a single handset.

My preferance was to look into a WiFi based handset, but I can't find on capable of registering to more than one SIP service at a time. That said, I only know of two, one from Zyxel and another from Solwise which isn't available yet (and I wouldn't buy it anyhow).

So then I started looking into VoIp adapters, because I could make it half-wireless (the ethernet portion anyhow). Whilst most allowed multiple SIP registration, they didn't allow it on a single port (So I needed two handsets, reasons self-evidant from below).

So I am now looking at VoIP handsets, for multiple SIP registration, and so far the only one I can find is the Grandstream GXP2000, which allows upto 4 SIP providers.

My needs are simple. My outgoing calls are to be going via SIP provider A, but incoming via SIP provider B.

Because A don't support incoming (PSTN that is), and B don't provide very good outgoing rates (but are perfect for my complex incoming needs).

So I wanted this multi-SIp providers setup top work from a single handset, which just doesn't seem possible with other units (because of the need for multiple WiFi phone, or a standard handset for each SIP provider).

So does anybody have a Grandstream GXP2000, and hwo would you rate it?

I preferably need a reply within 2 hours, but I know that is unlikely, so thanks anyhow.
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Grandstream GXP2000

Is B Plustalk?

Grandstream GXP2000

Unfortunatly not, though with a Grandstream, it could be a C.

Grandstream GXP2000

My only expierence is with a Grandstream BT102, it was rubbish, their support was rubbish and I would not buy another Grandstream product. It took them over 2 weeks to respond to a tech question and even then all they said was, it was the providers fault, which it wasn't. Now have a sipura product which is alot better.

Grandstream GXP2000

Just to let you know, I went ahead with the purchase, and I had a few major problems when it first arrived.

The first being the password. After loging in, it refused to allow me into the advanced settings, or configure any of the SIP accounts.

Frankly, this was my own fault, I should read next time to see there are 2 passwords. 1 provider and 1 end user, so it can be configued and locked onto specific services, but things like speed-dial and local IP config still work.

After figuring this out, and setting up SIP and port forwarding, I found I could make a single call, and that was it. Any further incoming or outgoing calls just hung.

After another read of the manual, for each call in operation 2 RTP ports per call are needed, starting from the one configured. I had configured RTP at 5002 and the first SIP port at 5003. God knows why even that worked for a single call.

After creating a block of 8 ports for RTP (though would only need 4), and configuring SIP to 2 ports above this, everything worked perfectly.

I have a PoE adapter too, which I am yet to try. But overall, coupled with my flat ethernet cable, this phone looks set to be a very cool peice of kit.