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Google sitemaps


Google sitemaps

I Have created a google sitemap and placed it in my root directory of the site. However whenever I try to submit it and validate it it fails with an HTTP Error. The help states the following:

"Google encountered an error when attempting to view the URL. Ensure that the file exists at the specified location. If we attempted to crawl the URL from your Sitemap, make sure that your Sitemap lists the URL correctly. If we attempted to crawl the URL from a link on your site, make sure that the link is correct. Note that if another site lists a broken link to your site, we may list that URL but you may not be able to fix the error. If the file exists, your server may have returned an error when we tried to access the file."

The file it fails on is the ROOT directory e.g

The XML appears to be correctly formatted and is in the right place... any ideas would be appreciated