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Globally Available Email

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Globally Available Email

I'm the network manager cum IT bod for the company that I work for, and as such I have been tasked with sorting out our complete email solution. However, I've come across a bit of a blank so far, and wonder if anyone else out there has had similar problems that they managed to circumvent.

Both my Managing Directors are essentially worse than Amish (no offense intended) when it comes to IT. One just about knows what a keyboard is, the other doesn't really have a clue. Thus, the solution needs to be EXTREMELY simple to use.

The scenario is this:

We have 2 Directors who have PC's at home, PC's at work, and "PocketPCs". They currently use three different email addresses, one for each device. They would LIKE to be able to amalgamate all the email on these devices together.

I investigated using IMAP, which appears to work - except for the fact that both directors would like to see their 'Sent mail' from any device. Outlook XP actually stores the 'sent items' locally, so they are not available on the PocketPC, or the 'other' (home/office) PC.

The other solution I investigated was using PlusNET's Webmail solution. Unfortunately, there is no facility to store your 'sent mail' here either.

Exchange server would appear to do what we want, (it does mean opening up the relevant ports on our ADSL router here in the office, no problems) - However, it's not natively supported on the PocketPC, and it involves one of those swear words that neither of my bosses like. (expenditure).

If they only wanted to use the PocketPC's to 'refer' to mail when on-the-go, then it wouldn't be a problem - I could use IMAP for the Home/Office, and ActiveSync for the PocketPC - However, they like to actually send/receive mail when on the go, and this does not get synced backwards and forwards (silly, if you ask me).

So, does anyone out there have any suggestions as to how we can go about this? At the end of the day, if we have to spend money then we have to spend money, but I do like the idea of keeping it as inexpensive as possible!

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Globally Available Email

We use exchange for home workers via dailup / ADSL and for internal office based staff. Our exchange server runs via RAS (direct dialup to our network) and VPN connections over the internet for the ADSL users all of which would meet your needs other than with Pocket PC users.

We have HP IPACs running Pocket PC and Outlook XP however we have been unable to establish a VPN connection for them so I can't really say what sucess you would have with them.

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Re: Globally Available Email

I investigated using IMAP, which appears to work - except for the fact that both directors would like to see their 'Sent mail' from any device.

Hi Barry,
With IMAP (at least under Mozzilla) I have it set to put a copy of all sent mail into the "Sent" folder on the IMAP server. Its available under the settings although I cant remember setting it so its probably on by default.

A quick google has found these instructions for achieving the same using Outlook (not sure how the PDA's would work though.

You must have Microsoft's Outlook 2002 Service Pack 2 (SP-2) installed for this to work properly. Visit Microsoft's Office Update web site at Office Product Updates to determine if you need SP-2 and to download and install it.

By default, Outlook places a copy of messages you send in the local "Personal Folders" Sent Items folder. This means that the shared Sort Once Sent Items folder does not get a copy of sent messages unless you perform the following rules configuration.

Select the Tools - Rules Wizard... menu command.
Click the New... button.
Select the Move messages I send to someone type of rule. You may have to scroll down the Which type of rule do you want to create? list.
Click the underlined word specified within the Rule description box (You don't need to click any of the other underlined words).
Click the plus symbol (+) in front of the folder group to expand it.
Click the Sent Items folder within the folder group to select it.
Click the OK button.
Click the Next button in the Rules Wizard box.
Uncheck the [ ] Sent to people or distribution list option in the Which conditions do you want to check list at the top.
Click the Next button.
Outlook will pop up a confirmation box stating The rule will be applied to every message you send. Is this correct?
Click the Yes button.
Click the Finish button in the Rules Wizard box.

You will see a Sent Items rule with a check mark in front of it in the box at the upper left. This is the rule you've created to place copies of all messages you send into the shared Sort Once Sent Items folder.

Click the OK button.