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Girlie in distress - I've got 6,000 emails - help!

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Girlie in distress - I've got 6,000 emails - help!


I'm trying to download my emails and there are 6,000 waiting. Some are duplicated some are spam but some are important, especially the most recently sent ones, which are a long way off from getting in to my inbox.

I can't download magic mail monitor either as I don't have zip.

by the way I'm blonde and I don't like computers!!!

Elvis x
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Girlie in distress - I've got 6,000 emails - help!

Why can't you download them - i.e. what errors are you getting?

What software are you using to download them?

You could use something like Mailwasher to view the mail headers and allow you to delete the ones you don't want. Or use to view the mail online and select those you want to delete. Click on the advanced link and enter for the server name and your normal mail login and password.
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Get youself a copy of Ultrafunk's Popcorn e-mail client. It allows you to download only the headers, and delete any unwanted e-mails directly from the server.

The Freeware version will be fine for what you need.