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Getting worried


Getting worried

I recently got this email.
'A virus has been detected in a message sent by however the infection was stripped by the E C Harris anti-virus system.

Scenarios/Incoming/Banned Attachments: A filename matching the file mask was detected: ''.
Scenarios/Incoming/ExecutableIN: 'ItemLength.GE.0'.'
The email subject line was as follows 'RE: stolen'

Now I have never sent an email whos subect line is 'stolen'.

Can anyone explain what is happening, is my computer sending out emails without me knowing. I use McAfee AV software which is kept up to date and also the system. What is the EC Harris AV system - I've never heard of it. Hope you can shed some light.

Regs Chris
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Getting worried

It is commonly known as 'spoofing'. Someone somewhere has got your email address and are using it. I don't know exactly how it works - perhaps someone can say?

There's nothing you can do and nothing to be worried about
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Getting worried

Viruses and spammers often use subject lines that are likely to grab your attention like Re: Your order or similar things. It's to entice you to open them. The person who sent the virus probably didnt do it intentionally, he's probably been infected by it and its just using his computer to send itself out to more people.

As your AV software has stipped it you need not worry.


Getting worried

Thanks guys, I have been advised ot use Adaware or Spybot which I will do if it will stop my computer being used to bounce this sh*t around the internet.

Thanks again, Chris
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Getting worried

Neither of those programs will stop what you have seen, they clear your system of cookies, spyware and malware apps not spam or virus emails.

There is nothing you can do to stop others spoofing your email address or sending you virus infected emails other than to have a good virus scanner installed that removes the virus as you have. This is the way of email now a days and there is very little that can be done to stop it at source.

Getting worried

It is certainly a good idea to check with these as well as your standard virus scanner. However, as has been said , it is most likely not your machine sending these emails - so once you have checked your machine for viruses and so on, and your firewall is properly set-up, you can stop worrying...

Getting worried

Mmm, spoofing happens, and that's life I'm afraid - I have loads of old e-mail accounts, and recently received a garbage e-mail in my Talk21 account which had *allegedly* come from ....

Me, at my Vispa account! :lol:

Getting worried

Hello All, having fun with all of these unwanted *.pif attchments arriving in your inbox? I have had dozens over the last few days. plz do a google search for "netsky removal" or visit symantec. Well worth the trouble to a) find out what is going on and how it happened, b) set your mind at rest to find that u r not infected with a virus and c) if u r infected, remove it with symantecs removal tools.
ps, grisoft ( if u r using the free AVG antivirus software) also have removal tools.