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Getting even more worried


Getting even more worried

I have just looked at my webmail and there is an email there with the following content.

Scanner: MailMonitor for SMTP v1.2.2

Problem description:
Email data:
Subject: Re: Document
Scanning part []

Scanning part [your_document.pif]
Attachment validity check: passed.
Virus identity found: W32/Netsky-D

I have never created this email address, what the hell is going on!!!!! and who the hell is ''

Regs Chris

Getting even more worried

Welcome to the world of spam and virii.
Spam is unsolicited email, similar to getting junk mail in your post. However, spam email costs the sender nothing, so lots are sent.
You have been "spammed" with this mail. anything that is addressed to will arrive in your inbox. It could be fred, bert or even So, the spammers only have to know your username and they can send you emails. Your generic mail address can be picked up by many methods, too diverse to go into here.
Your other thread is a similar problem, the virus aspect is simply a red herring to get you to open the mail.
Unfortunatly, you can expect this type of occurance to increase unless you subscribe to anti-spam services.

A few rules on spam & virii
1/ If you suspect a mail is spam or a virus by simply viewing the sent address, do not open the mail, just delete it.
2/ Never open any attachments you feel are suspect.
3/ Never reply to a spam mail or "bounce it".
4/ Use a different prefix to mails sent to "online services", such as when doing anything over ebay, or when doing anything with PayPal. Using this method, you can see what is arriving at your inbox and if the addresses are ever hijacked by spammers, you can simply set up a rule to delete them.

Note, that one thread on this forum would have been sufficient as both are the same type of problem.

Getting even more worried

Thanx cqg4uzg, for your explanation, your comments have been duly noted.

My 2 posts incidently, were made because they seemed to me to be different. One was telling me that I had sent someone an email with a virus the other was to do with some outside agency setting up an email address under my account. Both of these situations were done without my knowledge.

I have a firewall and 2 AV systems (McAfee& running and now it seems that I need to subscribe to an anti-spam service. In order for me to send email and setup addresses I must log on to the system with a username and password, but it seems that an unauthorised person can send an email using my account and also setup an email address under my account without me or Plus.Net knowing about it. Surely Plus.Net security has got to be questioned in this respect?

Regs Chris

Getting even more worried

I am afraid your email being hijacked (called spoofing) has nothing to do with you or PlusNet and there is little that can be done unless you can trace who has spoofed your address.
Anyone with sufficient knowledge and your email address can pretend to be you. However, there are tell tale signs in the mails that indicate that it did not come from the PlusNet servers and it is this that Spam prevention services use. The free mail services, such as Hotmail, are the most likely to be used in sending mail using spoofed addresses. They do not have to use your actual account.
Similarly, if someone uses your address to send a mail with a virus, that is bounced, you will get the reply and not the original sender.

Unless you get lots of spam, the filters in your mail programme can be set up to reject mail from certain sources. You can also try the free programme, Mailwasher, to check your incoming mail, set filters, blacklists, friend lists, before downloading the full mail.

I would also downlaod and run Adaware and/or Spybot to check your PC for Spyware and malware, which could be giving your details away.

Putting things into context, it's rather like the junk mail you get through your letter box every day, and the possibility of someone giving your name and address as a false address when they get pulled by the police.

Getting even more worried

Thanks cqg4uzg

I shall download one of the suggested packages. It would be nice if these sort of programs could be incorporated into the system software, afterall I'm still getting updates for my XP system software.

Regs Chris
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Getting even more worried

Good grief NO !!

If they were packaged up with Windows from Micro$not, can
you imagine what they would be like?

Each would be 50MB in size, and take up most of your machine's power;
each would fall over at regular (and irregular) intervals, and need patching for all sorts of silly security holes;
and each would cost $999 ($99 for students and teachers) :lol:



Getting even more worried

Rather like the current XP SP1 Firewall, little better than waving a white flag.

Getting even more worried

Mailwasher is a good program to set blacklists etc, but I found that using it to bounce the unsolicited mail was counter-productive, it just provoked more spam. I ended up abandoning my first ( and best named) email account.

I found the easiest way to check for spam was to use the web mail facility that most ISP's offer, delete the rubbish & then use my normal mail program to download the mail.

I've been using Plusnet as my main ISP for about 6 months now, I've changed my habits a bit, I don't post using my real email address on public forums, likewise I never register to a site or service with an account that I can't easily abandon.

It seems to work for me, it requires a bit of housekeeping, but no "Eat Pizza - lose weight" or "Herbal Viagra" mails for ages!

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Getting even more worried

Hi there,

I would second Jeff''s approach.

Have your default email address and do nothing with it except talk to Plus.

Have a second one for just family and friends.

and a last one that you can use for things like eBay and posting to news groups etc. This one you can junk if the mail trawlers get hold of it and ask plus support to send any subsequent mail to the great bit bucket in the sky.

Cheers, Mike