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Getting confused about domain transfers


Getting confused about domain transfers

There have been a few posts about the best way to transfer a domain to plus net, however my problem is slightly different.

I registered a name with one and one internet and have the domain name traffic forwarded to my server at home. I notice from other posts that this is called frames redirection and as such my web site wont be picked up by search engines such as google etcHuh :shock: even though i have the meta tags written.

I have a feeling it has something to do with the name servers ? But is this the same as DNS ?

Could someone please explain the procedure for me ? I'm sure it's very simple and I'm missing something very basic, but can't help getting confused over it all. Shockedops:

Thanks in advance.

Getting confused about domain transfers


Getting confused about domain transfers

I have read that topic, but am still struggling to get my head around it.

Am I presuming that if I change the A record with 1&1 to point to the IP address of my server at home then anyone typing in my domain name will automatically hit my server?

....and what about the name servers? Should I point them to my IP address as well ?

Getting confused about domain transfers

Indeed, this is frame-redirection and indeed, search engines do not like it.

As we well know, the PlusNet renewal charges can be high, so people like to have one company to pay for the domain, and PlusNet to host it.

This is an excelent idea, and works very well. However, 1&1 internet do not support this. Strangly, they do on .com domains I have been informed (?).

Although this will cost you ~£5 to do, it is well worth the effort, as you get the full control over the scenario I mentioned in paragraph 2.

I did this myself with a domain to

1: Visit

2: Login using the customer number and password. The number should be available on your introductory letter.

3: Terminate your contract in full, and pick a date. The date in no way reflects when the domain will be transfered, only how long the contract ties you to 1&1.

4: You will be asked if you wish to let the domain domain expire or transfer it. Select transfer. When asked for the TAG of the ISP, type HOSTEUROPE

5: Once confirmed, you will either need to send 1&1 a fax or snail mail, confirming that you wish to transfer.

Faxes will see it completed in 24 hours, mail longer.

6: Once 1&1 confirm via e-mail that the transfer is complete, you can signup for an account at 123-reg.

7: Once your details are in the system, login to the control panel

8: Select "Transfer Domains to 123-reg"

9: Simply enter the domain into the box and "initiate transfer of dom.."

10: You will be asked for card details, to honour the charge for the transfer.

11: Back on the control panel, click the "Modify domain" button, which should already have you domain selected.

12: Click "Change Nameservers"

13: In the top two boxes, enter

The last ywo boxes are not compulsory, and I do not know if PlusNet have these to supply anyhow.

14: Click "Change Nameservers"

15: Given upto 1 hour to change the details, you should then be able to initiate the transfer in proceedure at PlusNet. Visit the link:contact us system, and follow this path.

  • Technical Support (Except Connection problems - See below)
    • Domain Names
      • Transfering an existing domain name in to host on my account
        • Any .uk domain
          • Manual Transfer (DNS Only Hosting)

Enter your domain name into the box, and the transfer should be done once support get to your request.

Getting confused about domain transfers

Thank you Mr Richardson for your prompt reply, HOWEVER!

one and one DO support the changing of the name servers and a records from their control panel for names. They never used to. I think it is something that they have added in the last week or so.

So I refer back to my original question, If I change the A record to reflect my static IP with plus net, will internet traffic automatically go to my server, or is this STILL called frames redirection ?

The server I have is a fully functional email server as well, and for this to work properly I presume I will need to alter the mail server / mx records somewhere down the line ?


Getting confused about domain transfers

1&1 have? That has most definatly apeared, only in the last 10 days.

DNS is a system that converts names to IP addresses. When a system wants to a connect to a name, it must obtain the IP address to do so.

So yes, provided the A record returns your IP address, this will work.

If you point it at your computers static IP, then it could only be a low bandwidth site.

You can't use this method, to point at a website hosted on the PlusNet servers.