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Gator Claria "warning"

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Gator Claria "warning"

Just a heads up for you all.

I went to website earlier this evening and was splashed with various pop ups and unders BUT more sigificantly I got the "invitiation to take a Gator product". I cancelled that.

I then ran my AdAware ~ found various entries of Claria which I found out are the new name for Gator. So, it would appear that such sites even if you refuse their invite stil dump trackers and such like on you.

Take heed all in PlusNet land and keep running AdAware or similar to keep your PC clean! Cool
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Gator Claria "warning"

I couldn't agree more.
Running Adaware and also Spybot is a routine event here and they always find something after only a couple of days surfing the net.