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Frontpage and its menu's


Frontpage and its menu's

I am having great trouble with getting my website to work. I am using frontpage 2003 (for all my sins!) and have fp extensions enabled, and have uploaded it to the right place and all that.
i am using shared borders which have menus in them created using web components and link bars (all standard fp bits). these links work some times on some pages (in the main window) but do not show correctly, if at all in the side or bottom borders.
Plus nets tech support did mention that there fp server wasnt using the latest software, but i am not sure if this is the cause or not.
If anyone has any information i would be most appreciative.
If it is of any help the please have a look at the website, its currently

yours waiting in hope !


Just in case anyone reads the problem, i am glad to say i have sorted the problem. But unfortunaletly the only way i could do it was by redoing the entire website. It now seems to work just fine.
There must have been some dodgy script in the webpages or something!!