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FrontPage Unique Permissions for subwebs


FrontPage Unique Permissions for subwebs

Hi, Hope someone can help as I'm getting nowhere fast.
Using Frontpage 2000 on Windows 2000. My web has several subwebs with unique permissions, and user names/passwords. Or at least they did! Every time I try to add a user name 'guest' with password, I get 'Server Error: error removing one or more users: the following user names do not exist: 'guest'.
All the subwebs used to have 'guest'.

Also, when I try to backup my web to my local PC by publishing (as instructed by the help files) it fails after a while with An error occured accessing your FP web files - if authoring against a web server please contact the webmaster for this servers site webmaster - please system log for more details.

Hope someone can help