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Front Page v Access


Front Page v Access

Hi all

I am trying to use a drop down box in front page to link to and retrieve information in an access database.

I can get the box to drop down but no information appears.

I have been told that the web server required front page server extentions ( sounds nasty )

Is this the same as front page extentions ? as my account has been activated for front page extensions. Uploading etc is not a problem

When trying to edit the database using the http://fp.xxxxxxxx I get a message saying that this web server does not support databases ( or similar words )

Any ideas anyone ?

Im not a techy so dont uderstand all this sql/cgi stuff, front page does me nicely.


[Moderator note (by acarr) : Removed an also duplicated thread. This one provided more to comment one]

Front Page v Access

MS Access database access is only available on the full official Microsoft frontpage extentions, which PlusNet do not run.

PlusNet run them on the linux platform.

The problem is not that Linux can't support them, but that there is no system driver such that the linux versions can read MS access databases.

Front Page v Access

Can anyone say then what Front Page Extensions are enabled on the server for the benefit of us Front Page users?

Front Page v Access

I have never had the need to check, however, almost all components with the exception of DataBase access is provided.

This is because the MS ODBC component isn't available on linux.