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French ISP


French ISP

A friend is moveing to the south of France and has asked me to set up his computer and internet connection when we visit in a couple of weeks or so. Thing is, I have no idea where to start in finding an ISP in France and what I may be up against. Any help anyone?

Many thanks
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French ISP

I seem to remember one of the journalists in PCW living in, and working from, France. He regularly reported on the "thrills and spills" of internet access en Francais, and could be accessed via a PCW mail address.

Unfortunately I can't remember his name.


French ISP

After a small hunt, I have found some of the following addresses, that may be worth a look at.

Cable internet HERE - Allthough not what you aked, it was somthing I found anyhow.



There seems to be plenty, however, my very lmited french meant I had to give up on many sites.
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French ISP

The journalist in question was called Tim Nott, but since I have stopped taking the PC World mag I don't know if he still writes for them

The last e-mail address I had for him was so you could try it and see if he is still around.
But yes he did live in France and did his articles from there.

Oh by the way do make sure you send any mail in plain text not html or he won't even read it.
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French ISP

I guess theres Wanadoo as well (Freeserve's parent company)
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Tiscali France

If it is not too late, then I recommend

I have a house in France and go over at least once a month. I have a account on a pc which I leave over there. They have the equivalent of an 0845 number (0860015555) but I think it changes from region to region.

I simply copy my Outlook PST files onto a 256 mb flash card which I take with me. On my pc in France, the PST files in Outlook 2000 are mapped to the flash card, but obviously I have to set up my profile as and When I send an email, I just copy myself for retrieval back in the UK as a sent message. Then I also set it to leave a copy of all messages on the Plusnet server until I get back to the UK. It works also with Outlook Express files, by the way.

When I get home, I download all my messages in the normal way, although I have read them all before, but it will now include all the "sent" messages which I copied to myself. Then I delete all the files from the server.

It is easy to set up a Tiscali account on but you need to have just some school-boy french. Don't be a typical Englishman and pretend you don't know any French. You must have studied it a little at school, and you will be surprised how much you can understand IF YOU TRY ! It comes back even after thirty years !

I actually use my email address for locals, as they can be a little parochial. It has an automatic forwarding facility, so I don;t need to use the Tiscali front end; they all get forwarded to Plusnet. And I can even FTP files to my Plusnet webspace from Tiscali.

Hope that is useful.