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Free plustalk minute mix up, non answered support ticket

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Free plustalk minute mix up, non answered support ticket

On Friday night I tried to use my bradband phone 120 mins account.

Despite using no free minutes my account status now lists only 62 free mins remaining and when I try to make out going calls I am told there is no credit on my account.

I used the option in my accounts to activate the service, prior to the problems arising.

I have previously used the service a few months ago but thought that I may have had to re-activate it as I have change account since then to payg.

I posted a ticket on Friday night but as yet have not recieved any reply.

TICKET NO ID: 20100243

It appears that in activating my account I inadvertantly started the free minute quota on a pro rata basis for the remainder of the month, and thus eliminated the other 58 minutes to which I'm entitled until my next billing cycle.

With other PN settings they only appear if relevant to a particular account. Such as the buy more band width option.

On seesing the activate account I presumed that after changing my package I needed to activate it after my recent package change and therefore did so. It appears that the reduction in minutes and the resetting and of the new pro rata entitlement was the overall result.

Could you please reactivate the correct number of minutes on my account so that I may use the service once more. Also could you please check to see why even the current free credited minutes are not reconised by the plustalk system.

many thanks