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Free Plust Tak Mintues


Free Plust Tak Mintues

I posted a question to this forum earlier; I wanted to know why I hadn't been awarded the 240 minutes free talk time on my plus talk account.

I've now got the answer and this maybe of some help to those in a similar situation.

After many tickets being bounced back and forth to support, I finally got an answer.

Because my package was still the old ADSL Home Self-Install package, I couldn't receive the 240 minutes.

I was also informed by support to change my account to the Premier Option 1 account, if you are in a similar situation this might be of some help, but please check with support first although if like me it will take you at least a week to resolve a simple thing as this.

I was also informed by support that they don't foresee any time yet when they will transfer / upgrade all the old accounts to the equivalent newer one.

Shame F9 didn't have the checks and balances in place to counter this happening; it would also been nice if I had been given this info the first time round!