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Foxmail email client


Foxmail email client

Been using FOXMAIL email client for a week now, a nifty little piece of freeware, made in China, with self-learning spam filter, only 4M in size. Works well overall, so recommend it. Was using the heavy & cumbersome Outlook. Transferring address book worked a treat, but no solution for transferring email (MS's fault actually, as PST format is not widely documented.) apart from manually doing it.

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Foxmail email client

I used that for a few weeks until my computer died and I didn't reinstall it. Found it to be nice and simple although it wasn't designed in the way I would use it (i.e. the password protected mailboxes, I would've replaced with profiles

I'm using PocoMail has skinning support which is always a plus when you want things looking pretty. Works pretty much like Outlook apart from the bonus of being non-Microsoft Smiley

There was another email client called Eudora which I downloaded which had good spam support, but the decent version cost money and the GUI was pretty ugly, lol.