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Forwarding email headach


Forwarding email headach

Hi everyone,

I’m having a major problem with getting my registered domain name (e.g. to forward my email to my plusnet account which has been configure to use outlook express as the client to retrieve and sent mail as describe at plusnet support site. Except for the fact that when you send to this address the mails are disappearing into thin air.

The worst of all this is that when people mail me to this address there is no way of them telling whether the mail was delivered or not.

I have used the same forwarding configuration for my previous ISP before moving over to Plusnet and this worked fine.

I know the forwarding configuration has to been done with my domain registered, I’m just wondering if I’m pointing my registered domain to the wrong plusnet email address.

Example my plus email address is:

And I want anything sent to should be forward to

Any input to the above would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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Forwarding email headach

Where is your domain hosted? Wth plusnet or someone else. If someone else then what redirect have you setup on that companies systems?

Note: Just in case you were not aware (because you used, your email address is actually where username is andlawson.

If you saw on the webmail page, this is actually telling you the mailbox name and the mail server it is on, and not your actual email address.