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Forward DNS


Forward DNS

My mailserver is being blacklisted by SORBS
In order to un-blacklist myself I have to provide a rDNS entry for my fixed IP.

Before Plus Net will give me the rDNS, they insist that I change my forward DNS. When I asked support at Plus Net what they meant, or for some clue as to go about what they were asking for, they said "ask on the forums", so here I am.

Does any one know the correct procedure for changing my forward DNS?

Thanks in advance - Chris

Forward DNS

Forward DNS is the method of setting up an "A" record for the hostname in question, and point it to the IP address.

The rDNS (reverse DNS) record, does things the oposiute way. Pointing the IP address to the hostname.

What rDNS record are you hoping to use, and who is the domain hosted with?

We should be able to provide more help from this point.

Forward DNS

OK, I got the A record pointing at my mailhost, I got the rDNS pointing back.

According to SORBS, I need the MX record to reverse resolve.

When I tried to add mailhost as an MX record, it said that I cannot add to the left hand field. ?Huh