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Hi there peeps, looking for some massive help here.

I admin a box in the states and its running win 2k pro and i need a firewall and tight security on it.

Basically the only apps and connections i want opn on it would be...

Remote Desktop
an FTP
shoutcast (port 8000)

I need a really good firewall and possibly some good loggin software to go with it. Last time i installed a firewall on a machine using Terminal Services it ended up blocking those ports too so i was completely locked out of my own box.

So which firewall and how to config it properly remotely without being locked out.

Any help would be greatly thought upon Smiley


Hi there,

Well you have many options that you could deploy ..... lets have a look at a few.

1) By a firewall device, or make your own using Linux (i can help you there), and place that in front of the box that you admin. Set up the firewall to allow the connections that you would like.

2) Use the built in filtering capabilities of windows 2k to allow only the connections that you want into the box. This is set under network properties TCP/IP

3) By a personal firewall, that is configurable and install it on you box. Configure the firewall to do what you want and away you go.

Just some reminders .....

1) Secure the box first .... apply patches and get AV on there.
2) Use strong passwords



I think Norton's firewall allows you to specify allowed connections during the set-up process, so you'd be able to install it remotely without it locking you out in the process.
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if you have a spare low-spec computer, why not try Smoothwall?

I run it on a 486DX2/80 with 28Mb RAM - would be better with more memory but works ok on small network.

URL is