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Firebrick 105


Firebrick 105


I hope someone can give me some guidance.

I run a piece of specialist software on my computer and the company that supply it want to have ADSL access to update it every so often. They want me to buy a Firebrick 105 which they will set up and configure. I am currently on PlusNet Broadband Pay As You Go at £14.95/M. If I stay with my existing ISP they charge a good bit more to configure than if I move to their preferred (more expensive) supplier who gives a range of fixed IP's. I don’t really want to change to another ISP as it means changing email addresses and I also have web sites on the plus space.

Here is what my software supplier said about how they would connect to my current ISP


I'm quite happy for you to stay with you current ISP. What we do is configure a firebrick to go onto your network and establish a sort of secure VPN to our firebrick in Redbus in London. this allows us to route some proper IP addreses across the VPN and into your server. We've done it lots of times before and it works well. The Firebrick will go in between the server.

I don’t really understand all this. Is it possible for a Firebrick 105 to connect to my existing plus account (which is said to have a static IP) without all this set up as above? Or how can I do it?

Thanks any information you can give would be greatly appreciated

Firebrick 105

You dont say how you connect to the internet ie router modem etc. You can setup a vpn from any isp and most routers support it so if you have a router then you dont need to but a Firebrick
details of which are here

I would be very worried about letting some strange company have access to my network all the time as anyone can use it and hack in.
If you are going to let them in do it so they cant get in without first ringing you and you have to grant acces for them for a limited time.

They could use other means to connect to your network like vnc, remote desktop, pc anywere. With these products you can see when they have connected and what they are doing.

Remember if you have DATA on your network you are obliged by law to keep it secure so the ball is in your court not theirs