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Files on webspace


Files on webspace

When i try and change/delete/replace any of my hosted files it comes up with this :?

i was just trying to update my website via FTP by just going to run then (i've tryed the to and get the same problem)
and it came up with this with every file. But within a folder there, for instance my "pics" folder i can do what i want.

Please can someone help me with this? Smiley

by the way my website address is


Files on webspace

sorry! stupid me :lol:

here in the service status is:

FTP Problems - Update
We are still investigating an issue whereby some customers cannot upload or modify files on the FTP platform.
This will result in an error message along the lines of:
"Permission denied".

Our engineers are working on this problem and we will update you when further information is available.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Kind Regards,
Luke Horwath
Customer Support

well thanks anyway at least i know it's not just me Smiley