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Faulty Goods

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Faulty Goods

Hey folks,

A friend was asking me some advice on the following.
He bought a Digital Video Recorder thingy from sometime in january.
Its now gone belly up, wont charge amongst other things.

He wanted to know what to do next if empire try to fob him off. ie he wants a new one and not a repair, and he wants empire to sort it and not be fobbed off to the manufacturer.

Now if they are anyways half desent they will sort him out -> but wot if they arent and the dont?

any and all advice welcome

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Faulty Goods

Not exactly sure what your rights are, i know if he can prove it was not of merchantable quality when he had it he should be able to get it exchanged or repaired. It is really annoying when you only just bought something and then have to live without it whilst waiting for the repair, with that in mind maybe this site will help:
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Faulty Goods

As it's over 14 days, they have to repair it and can have it for a reasonable amount of time to do so. They DO NOT have to offer a replacement and probably wont.

In some cases it's often quickier to bypass empire direct and deal directly with the manufacturer. There should be information on the guarantee in the box.
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Faulty Goods

Legally if the goods are not of "merchantable quality" it is the manufacturer's/ supplier's choice whether they repair, replace or refund, but they have to sort it out one way or another. Repairs would have to be carried out within a 'reasonable' time.

Large suppliers expect a certain number of failed electronic goods, so they will probably just send a new one without arguing too much.
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Faulty Goods

If as I suspect you are referring to then their customer support centre is your friend's first stop at
They appear to follow standard procedures
All products supplied are covered by the terms and conditions of the manufacturer's guarantee for a minimum of 12 months (unless otherwise specified) from the date of purchase. In the unlikely event that you need to report a faulty or damaged product please contact us:

They give the relevant contact information on that page-- I am sure they will provide your friend with whatever returns information is necessary