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Failure after disconnect


Failure after disconnect

Anyone know why my system sometimes locks all my network options when I try to disconnect from ADSL?

I'm using XP.

A bit more of an explanation is in order.
If I'm connected to PlusNet and right click on the icon and select 'Disconnect' (or in fact if I select any method to disconnect), I can nolonger double click the icon, to reconnect. If I right click it, the options to disconnect/connect are greyed out. And whe I try to shut windows down it wont!

any Ideas?


Failure after disconnect

You don't say what modem you have, but my guess is that you
have dodgy modem software/drivers.
When you disconnect the application just 'Hangs' and is
still active in the background.
When you then try and close Windows the hung application
prevents the System from shutting down properly.
You might try uninstalling and re-installing your drivers or
check the manufacturers web-site for any updated drivers.

Failure after disconnect

thanks aleca,

I'll check for some newer drivers