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FTP help please!


FTP help please!

Cheers Peter

We have lift-off!! (Now then, why didn't I think to leave out the 'Account'?? :roll: )



FTP help please!

Yesterday, I built a new computer Cheesy and today I am having problems with ftp! Sad I use WS_FTP, and, on my laptop I can upload files to plusnet, using my user name, password and Account. But I can't figure out what the "Account" password is?? :? It's longer than my ordinary password, but (of course) I can't read it, as it's a load of stars!! I really need this to be able to upload files on this new computer of mine. I've searched for ftp settings on this website, but with no joy. Any assistance you can give would be gratefully received - thanks!
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FTP help please!

You could try SnadBoy Revelation, this will read your stars! Cheesy

The zip file can be downloaded here.
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FTP help please!

Any FTP client only requires 3 things.

The server to connect to:
The login name which you have - it's your normal one
The password which you also have.

The Account field should be left blank as it is not used and I have never used it and I'm using WS_FTP.