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FTP Server


FTP Server


I am setting up a FTP SErver on my Machine, Do i have to ask PN to adjust my IP settings to do this.

The FTP server I plan to use is Bullet prooof (, it seems quite simple and cheap. Can anybody reccomend a better one?

Any way the biggest problem is know which Ip address I should put in the server and what Ip address is to access it.

The only ip address it likes is the same as my router.

I thought to acccss it I
would only have use or which repesents my static address.

Could anybody help?



FTP Server

First of is not yoru static IP, I am not sure where you got that from.

You could use any FTP server you liked.

PlusNet do not need to make any changes, what you need to do though, is setup port forwarding for the FTP ports on your router.

The documentation of the FTP server should tell you what needs to be available in the connection security section.

FTP Server


PlusNet do not need to make any changes, what you need to do though, is setup port forwarding for the FTP ports on your router.

How do I do that a solwise router, I have d/load the manuals and cant find it .

I know have found out what to do as far as FTP server needs to do

When running the ftp server behind a router, the ftp server can only use local ip (, ...). in my case
This causes problems when a client switches to passive mode (PASV) because the ftp server will reply with the internal lan ip; as a consequence the ftp client can not transfer data (no directory listing, no upload / downloads, only commands).

To solve this problem :
1) Go in server option / multi ip settings / passive ip and enter your internet ip (not local, but the one assigned by your isp, check to know your ip. in my case 212.159.?.?
You can also enter your dynamic domain name so that the server resolve it instead of an ip.
2) enter a passive port range 50000-50100 in passive port range option.
3) in your router (hardware or software) create a port range redirection for 50000-50100 to the computer ip running the ftp server.

how is that done on solwisee?

Cheers Geraint

forwarding ports on Solwise for FTP server (Redit9:37 19/10)


I am trying to set up a FTP server, I am havaing a few problems. The ftp server works fine on it local IP setting, however when using my Static IP to address it 212.159.x.x it cannot be accessed Sad Which means I cannot use it externally.

ACARR advised me on this forum , to forward the ports . I have done this using the NAT rule in Router setup

Set up for Passive FTP server as detailed in posting above

NAT Rule Information
Rule ID: 2
Rule Flavor: RDR
IF Name: ALL
Protocol: ANY
Local Address From:
Local Address To:
Global Address From: 212.159.x.x
Global Address To: 212.159.x.x
Destination Port From: 20
Destination Port To: 21
Local Port: 50000

This still does not work... Can anyone spot what I am doing wrong ?
Is the rule right type (RDR)?
Do have specify PPP-0? Do I have to create a PPP for this?
I s there a simpler way?
Should I redirect ports 20-21 or just 21?
Has anybody got a solwise working witjh port forwarding for ftp server?


Geraint Dawe

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FTP Server

I know I have been talking to myself alot but I have got it working Smiley

This is what I was 2 things I did wrong!

Firstly NAT rules caanot be tested on the LAN (Doh!) use this link to do that


Do not include your static Ip (212.159.x.x) in th global IP address in the rule
(The solwise manual is bit confusing on this)


Rule ID: 10
Rule Flavor: RDR
IF Name: ALL
Protocol: TCP
Local Address From:
Local Address To:
Global Address From:
Global Address To:
Destination Port From: 21
Destination Port To: 21
Local Port: 21

Hope this helps, any body who is in the same boat

A good resource for the SAR 110 ...
Chris has written a very useful guide in configuring the Sar110. Thanks Chris!