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FTP Server


FTP Server

I am looking into setting up an FTP account on our Win 2000 server at work, to allow various users to have some level of authorised interaction with their files from home.
I have as far as i know got IIS configured properly and set up the information in the Internet Services Manager.
The IP is returning as unnassigned, any available and i'm not sure if this is what is causing the problem.

When I try and access the FTP on any connection i get the following error:

The server you are attempting to access has aborted the connection with the gateway.

At the moment the FTP is set up to allow annonymous users read function, along with listing directories.

We use microsoft ISA firewall on the server and the clients and i wondered if this was in any way blocking an incoming FTP connection to the server and if anyone has an idea of how to set it to allow FTP connections?

Any help would be great,


FTP Server

you dont say if you are using a router or modem. If its a router then you connect to the ip of the router and port forward to the server.

I wouldnt use ms ftp as opening IIS is a nightmare as its the main target for worms etc. There a lot of cheap or free ftp servers that are better and you dont need the IIS. If your dont get all the patches for IIS then your whole system can be broken into.

Yes the firewall will have to be set, if you are using a router then it may well have set it up as it sees it as internal ip.

Can you ftp in from within the network on its local ip?