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FTP, CGI Information


FTP, CGI Information

I have not been a ble to make anything happen with frontpage but the FTP stuff isn't working for me either and how does CGI work someone please help, the Plus Net Help System for domain hosting isn't helpful for the domains :? :?

So can anyone help, also can i still use Frontpage XP with the FTP or CGI methods and if not where can i get a free program which will allow me to host my domain on Plus Nets servers

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FTP, CGI Information

Firstly, Frontpage, FTP (to www server) and CGI are all different. It depends on what and how you want to do things.

Lets take thing in stages, and ask what you are trying to do first.
I assume you what to put up a webpage and have a domain name registered.
Do you already have a web page designed ?Huh