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FP Extensions

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Registered: 12-08-2007

FP Extensions

I realise that there are many threads already in existence with regard to FP extensions but am puzzled as to how Plusnet implements these? and why they seem unable to activate them at times.
Over 3 weeks ago I requested FP extensions be activated on my webspace and was told it would take approx 4 days and an email would be sent telling me how to upload my site once activation had been done. No email! However My webspace in website settings indicated that FP extensions had been activated. Tried to upload - site wasn't recognised. After a week Tech support have managed to replicate the fault but still not managed to determine what the fault is.
Meantime I joined Lycos (totally free) and within 12 hours they had activated FP extensions, I uploaded my site and redirected from my 'regular' webspace in Plusnet to my new site on Lycos.

Just what is it that makes Plusnet activation of FP extensions so difficult? Why do they advertise it if they are unable to supply? Why do they need a different server address prefixed fp for the web address when so many other ISPs and webspace hosts I've used in the past don't?

I'm not stupid but I'm not a web genius either. can anyone explain to me in relatively straightforward terms so that I may learn and understand better what is happening?

Very puzzled
Gordon L.