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FAX question


FAX question

I thought I would try here as customer feedback forum is sinking under the "fair Usage" announcement.
Can I send faxes as well as receive them via PlusNet if so how please? I've tried searching but cannot find an answer

FAX question

You can't send faxes through a Plusnet provided services, however, there is a free-services with some limited adverts that you can use to send faxes to 01x and 02x numbers,

This is priovided at

When you send a fax using there email-to-fax system, it includes a cover page.

The cover page is split into 3 equal parts.

Part 1:
Customisable information suggesting who the fax is to, the pages and so on.

It is possible to attach a specicial file, with meta data to include in this portion. See the website for details of this

Part 2:
Advert for Demon.

Demon provider the service for the UK, and 1/3 of the page is used as an advert.

Part 3:
Information about the service.

Full information on the cover and how to customise it is HERE

The service will accept postscript and tiff images, so you are not restricted to text (yes, you can just compose a text email, and it will send it).

FAX question

Thanks for your help Philip, I will keep that info for future reference, unfortunately I wish to send a Fax to Sri Lanka, it seems they only send to UK.

FAX question

According to the website, they have Sri Lanka coverage (+94) for all "Sri Lanka Telcom" services.

To be sure, type the international format into the verifier HERE

Start with 94, then the rest of the number.

It will even tell you the e-mail address to send to for that number.

FAX question

My abject aolagies Philip, I jumped in before looking, yes thank you the number is available.