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Exchange Server 2003 SBS


Exchange Server 2003 SBS

Has anyone set up Exchange Server 2003 SBS to work with their Pop accounts with Plus Net. I have tried but cant get it working if someone can give me a guide I would most appreciate it
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Registered: 16-08-2007

Exchange Server 2003 SBS

I have set our sbs up to use smtp very easly. No need for a pop3 connector.

has worked fine for 4 months.

Exchange Server 2003 SBS

if you have pop3 accounts each user logs in via outlook and collects them from the server. If you want them to get it via exchange then change to smtp.

Consider this.
If you have pop3 accounts the mail goes to so if your server goes down mail still get through.

Each user can get their mail via outlook or webmail anywere in the world. The disadvantage is you cant backup there mail so easaly.

If you have smtp
If your server goes down mail may be bounced.
You may not be able to get mail for days.
Users will have to log onto your server to get mail if they are out of the office this can be a problem.

The decision at the end of the day is yours but its worth considering all options first before doing anything


Thanks for the replies - have now set it up so that pop collects mail - if the server goes down mail still goes to the plus net mail server

So the best of both worlds with OWA!!