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Emails either not being received or not being displayed


Emails either not being received or not being displayed


I've had BB for a couple of weeks now and am pretty pleased so far but before I can tell my previous dial up provider where to go I need to transfer all of my regular emails to my new plusnet account.

This is where the problems begin, I have created mailboxes and email addresses in the format specified. I then changed my email address on some of my regular mailing lists.

Apart from a single email from the mailing lists asking me to confirm my email not a sniff of any message. Because I received the confirmation email I believe that I have typed the address correctly but equally I don't seem to have received anything even though I know that messages have been sent.

strangely enough I was on plusnets webmail at the weekend and for a moment a number of emails with headings that suggested they were the missing emails appeared momentarily on screen before vanishing.

does anyone have any ideas?