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Email - what can I do???


Email - what can I do???

Well folks, I've had a look around and couldn't see anything related to this - if I've posted in the wrong place then please forgive and gently nudge me in the right direction....

Anyway, the last few days has seen me having a large number of "failed delivery" notices appearing in my inbox. These are all spoofed in some way as I have not been sending any emails as I have been away and they are not addressed to people I know.

I've run a couple of full virus scans on both computers at home (came back clean) but as I say this has been happening while I am away and the computers & router swithed off at home.

So, the only thing I can work out is that there is some 'spamming' going on where the spammers are using my email address for some reason (why?)

Is there anything I can do to stop this happening? The address that is being spoofed is from my own domain so I don't want to just change email address and I'm worried about being blocked by all the spam filters given that my address is being used to send spam.

Please guys, let me know there is something I can do....


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hi there i used to get loads of these. mailer daemon ect,ect .
what i did was just deleate every one of them did this for short
period now dont get much anymore . be careful with them though

Email - what can I do???


I've been having the same problem for the past week or so. I looked it up and it appears (I think) that the attachments (almost always 2 of them) are worm-related. I'm just deleting the things and hoping they stop eventually. The only other possibility is that some git is spamming using my email address. I hope not, because I've no idea how to stop them doing that.

Email - what can I do???

I'm not getting any attachments on the failed delivery messages I'm getting, they look like genuine 'bounces' which means someone is spamming using my email address - the thing that gets me is whyHuh? If someone wants to buy a fake rolex/viagra/whatever then I sure as hell aint going to sell it to how does the 'spammer' benefit?

Oh well,


Email - what can I do???

We've also started to receive a load of undeliverable email's which are spam. They are spoofing our domain name hence I believe why they are returned to us. The influx of this type of spam has only started within the last week but its getting worse...

Not sure if there is really a solution to the problem apart from shooting the spammer.
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Email - what can I do???

There is no "solution" to this, other than;

1. Terminating your domain
2. Having the spammers hosts pull their site's

This issue started originally quite some time ago, using other people's e-mail addresses (usually fake) as the return address of spam or virus infected e-mails (see: The way it basically works is;

Spammer sends x to, where the from and return addresses show the e-mail as originating from

I wrote a 3 piece article last year on this entitled "Decoding the spam" that documents some of this issue;

Part I: A tribute to Joe

Part II: From head to eternity

Part III: Inside the beast

Quick warning for anyone thinking of viewing them - I'm a terrible writer :lol: