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Email virus's


Email virus's

any one else getting loads of email virus's

getting about 1 every 5 min,

all have :details
> thankyou
>that movie
>wicked screen saver,

anyway to stop these,

they all look like they are coming from correct email addresses,
shalt i reply to the senders,
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Email virus's

No the email adressess you are seing will be false and selected by the virus from whoevers machine has the virus on it.

Email virus's

There are posts around the forum allready regarding this.

Do not reply to the sender, as the address there is fake.

You are quite correct that they are legitimate addresses, however, they are not the person sending them.

Known as Sobig.F, you can see my post for further details HERE

THis virus, only detected on the 18th, now holds the world record as the fastest spreading virus.

Also in that post, you will notice a e-mail count from myself.

From lasts weeks 2 per week of any type of e-mail virus, I now have a collection of 781 alone collected in 3 days.

The qucikest method will be to create some simple mail filters for you client. Two quick filters that should match the body of the e-mail are

See the attached file for details


Please see the attached file for details