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Email via Netscape 71. ???


Email via Netscape 71. ???

Could someone please explain to me how to set up Netscape 7.1 to access my email? At present, I am unable to do so and just get a message telling me that the "pass command" did not succeed.

Incidentally, I connect via BT Broadband.

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Email via Netscape 71. ???

Does this PlusNet Customer support page help?

Which can be found via the customer support link then Mailbox help link on the right of that page under E-mail. Within that page click on the Email section link in the first paragraph.

Note: you cannot use to send email when you are not logged in via the PlueNet network. You have to use BT's SMTP server address until you are connecting (if that is your intension) through PlusNet broadband or dialup services.

Email via Netscape 71. ???

Thanks but I had already had a look at that page. It did help me to setup Outlook, though, which until then was proving tricky. In Outlook I need to set it to authenticate my details, but I can't discover how to do the same in Netscape.

I don't plan on accessing the net via Plusnet - quite happy to stay with BT Broadband.

Thanks for your help.