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Email linked to a URL

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Email linked to a URL

I often get mail from people who probably (unwittingly) have a URL linked / embedded somewhere in their email template. That means that whenever I click on that particular type of email, the link is automatically processed. Now that is not a problem if one is using webmail and is already ON LINE.

But it is irritating if one is simply browsing through emails OFF LINE in Outlook 2000, because then the system automatically dials up to find the URL ! How on earth can I stop Outlook automatically taking me to such URLs ?

Obviously, I could change my settings in IE to manual dial-up, but that would be inconvenient because I have several shortcuts for things like the Plusnet portal, anti-virus updates etc., which automatically dial-up and it would disable those to require a manual confirmation.

I know Outlook 2000 pretty well but I am stumped. I cannot find any obvious way of disabling these links. Very often these links just advertise the ISP who is providing the sender's mail service - NTL is one of the worst offenders.

Any ideas or do I just have to live with it ? It rather defeats the object of having offline folders in Outlook.